X-Ray Oven Glove

  • X-Ray Oven Glove By Mustard
  • Double sided novelty oven glove mitt
  • Made of thick, heat resistant fabric
  • Features hanging loop for easy storage
  • Quirky, fun and spooky design
  • Made By Mustard

If you just happen to be someone who appreciates a well made kitchen accessory with an amusing and spooky theme, then by jove, this X-Ray Oven Glove Mitt, is just the thing you’ve been looking for!

Don’t burn your fingers to the bone (sorry), protect those precious digits and share a smile or two at the same time.

The glove is made of a tough but soft fabric, providing a comfortable and practical fit. The skeletal image on the glove is clear and of high quality, so you won’t need x-ray vision to see it (ta da boom!)…in fact the overall quality of the item is a lot better than the bad puns here.

The X-Ray Oven Glove by Mustard, is big enough to suit large hands too, so this item would be suitable for either women or men to use with ease.

It measures 3.11 x 22.5 x 28.5 cm and is made from a cotton polyester mix, so it easy to clean and maintain. It also features a handy hanging loop, allowing you to display your mitt artistically somewhere, when not in use.

Embrace your silly side and creep the kids out at the same time, with this neat little kitchen accessory. Ideal for big kids and little kids alike, as well as making a different and unique gift idea or halloween prank…maybe even get one for the Mother-In-Law…just an idea.