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Xtra Guard Latch

  • Xtra Guard Latch By Lindam
  • Secures drawers, cupboards and appliances to protect your little one and your sanity
  • Flexible plastic strap fastens around corners and curves
  • Dual button system – modules only release when the buttons are pressed
  • No key needed so less to lose
  • Adhesive modules that are easily installed and doesn’t leave a mark when you remove

Once your bundle of joy starts crawling, that’s it. Your home becomes a playground and very little is safe any longer. Objects gets raised up onto higher shelves, but you can’t put the washing machine on a shelf or move everything out of the cupboards.

And then there are really exciting toys like the toilet. The Xtra Guard Latch offers an easy solution, helping to protect your little angel (and your sanity!).

This clever design can be used to secure drawers, cupboards, appliances and toilet seats. Two adhesive modules are joined by a flexible plastic strap that even allows you to secure items at the corner, making it ideal for drawers.

Once the Xtra Guard Latch by Lindam is in place, it can only be released by pressing down the 2 buttons on top of the modules – no magnetic key to lose, unlike many child locks.

As there are no permanent fixtures, the latch can be removed without damaging the surface, when it is no longer needed.