The Best of Lollipops Wheel

  • The Best of Lollipops Wheel By Chupa Chups
  • 200 lollipops to satisfy your craving
  • Wide variety of 7 different flavours to delight the whole family
  • Rotating mechanism for ease of access
  • Colourful design will liven up your home
  • Made by Chupa Cups

As the old saying goes, you can never have too many lollipops. But where to keep them all? If only there were some sort of revolving contraption which could be used to display an extensive lollipop collection and allow easy access to the full range of flavours?

Happily and not before time, those egg-headed boffins from the Chupa Chups development team have solved this pressing issue with a stylish and easy to operate invention they’re calling ‘The Best of Lollipops Wheel’.

An ingeniously simple new concept in lollipop dispensing technology, the Best of Lollipops Wheel by Chupa Chups is capable of holding up to 200 of these delicious balls of stick-mounted loveliness. Which should last you, hmm, ages (ahem).

Want to liven up a party with some fruity deliciousness? The Best of Lollipops Wheel comes complete with all the classic flavours, including strawberry, orange, cherry, raspberry, cola, strawberry-cream and vanilla. Which is wonderful, so long as you don’t mind sharing!