Black + Blum Bento Box

  • Black + Blum Bento Box
  • Perfect for a healthy serving of salad, sushi, pasta or quinoa
  • Chic design adds some elegance to lunchtime
  • Separator box that keep your croutons and nuts crunchy
  • Sauce pot which allows you to carry your condiments with you
  • Includes a fork so you don’t have to use your fingers, unless you want to
  • Slim and easily slips into a bag
  • Made By Black + Blum

If salads and sushi are your thing when it comes to lunchtime, then the Black + Blum Bento Box is a must.

This stylish black box with red trim offers a convenient way to enjoy your midday meal. The Bento Box is perfect for a serving of pasta, quinoa, salad or sushi and features a separator box to keep your nuts or croutons crunchy.

Complete with a sauce pot and fork, even the lid is a bit special on this cleverly-designed lunchbox. At a slim 6.4cm, this Bento Box is ideal for slipping into your bag.