Bogey Man Egg Separator

  • Bogey Man Egg Separator By D-Zine
  • Ultimate kitchen accessory for baking aficionados
  • Separates squidgy egg white from the egg yolk
  • Eggciting to look at the egg white dribbling down the bogey nostrils to the mixing bowl
  • Decorate your kitchen with the ceramic snotty man gadget
  • Sufficiently revolting design for a great Secret Santa or a birthday gift
  • Measures 14 x 9.5 x 8.5cm

Fear baking no more! The Bogey Man Egg Separator may look a bit gross at first sight but he will soon become your inseparable kitchen mate. Crack the eggs into this old whiner’s empty head top. Then, tilt the pot forward over the mixing bowl.

Wait for the snotty, jellylike egg white to ooze out of the reddish nose, dripping right down into in your cooking bowl. Yuck!

The Bogey Man Egg Separator by D-Zine is a compact accessory for your kitchen and requires very little maintenance. Once the snotty job is done, wash the cranky man with warm water and washing up liquid.

Made with ceramic, this cheesy gadget will be ideal for anyone with sense of humour and passion for cooking. Find a new home for him in your wife’s, friend or work colleague’s kitchen. If that wasn’t enough, Mr Bogey even stole the show at the Great British Bake Off!

His unique, gross look will be a great talking point and will add the charm to any kitchen. Bogey Man Egg Separator is awfully revolting but who doesn’t need a useful kitchen friend indeed.