Box Appetit Eau Carafe

  • Box Appetit Eau Carafe By Black+Blum
  • An elegant and unusual hand-blown glass water carafe with a cork stopper.
  • Contains a Binchotan charcoal stick to filter impurities and improve the taste of tap water.
  • Easily fits inside a refrigerator door and chills well.
  • Measures 29 x 9.5 cm (height x width)
  • Capacity: 1.1 litres or 37 fl.oz

The Black and Blum glass carafe has been cleverly designed to contain an active charcoal filter, which sits in the bottom of the glass.

So what’s so special about it?

Japanese Binchotan charcoal has been used as a natural water purifier in Japan since the seventeenth century and is recognised for its many beneficial properties. It reduces the levels of chlorine in tap water, mineralises the water, balances the pH level and has the effect of vastly improving the taste.

Everything about this product can be recycled from the glass bottle, the cork stopper and, of course, the charcoal filter stick itself – and, in fact, some helpful suggestions for its reuse are included.

The stylish Black and Blum glass carafe makes it possible to drink normal tap water – it’s vastly improved, deliciously refreshing and completely ethical. The Box Appetit Eau Carafe is supplied in an attractive gift box and it would certainly make a very unique present!