Brainfreeze Shot Glasses

  • Brainfreeze Shot Glasses By Final Touch
  • Shot glasses carved with a wicked skull face
  • Large fill capacity of 42 ml
  • Easy to clean as it’s dishwasher safe
  • Measures 19.2 x 10 x 5.4 cm
  • Weighs 558 grams each glass
  • Made By Final Touch

Made from pressed soda bottle glass, the Final Touch Brainfreeze Skull Shot Glasses are designed with a nifty skull face with hollowed out eye sockets, nose and teeth at the bottom of each glass. It stands out really clearly and looks even better when the glass is filled with drink.

Unlike most shot glasses, these skull ones are sturdier and less likely to break or chip thanks to the thick glass. It has a strong and heavy flat base for it stand upright on flat surfaces.

With its 42 ml fill capacity, there’ll be no chance of spilling a single shot and you can almost get a double shot out of this glass. You can make some funky layered shots in it too such as B-52 or Slippery Nipple.

This set of cool shot glasses from Jeray will look great at any party or bar and as it comes in a gift box, it’s the ideal present for shot drinkers.