Bristol Stool Chart Mug

  • Bristol Stool Chart Mug
  • Identify what type of stools you have and how your condition is
  • Humorous gift idea which conveys a sense of fun
  • Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning
  • Microwave safe so can be used to heat or reheat liquids

Everyone likes a hot mug of tea or coffee, and everyone poos, so surely everybody should love the Bristol Stool Chart Mug by UglyMug? Right?

Informatively adorned with explanatory images and text relating to what we are given to understand are the primary stool types, this practical piece of crockery enables you to accurately assess your bowel movements during your tea break. If that floats your boat.

Stuck for a gift to buy for the medic in your life and want to impress them with your in depth knowledge and understanding of their profession?

Then why not buy them a Bristol Stool Chart Mug so they can brush up on their scatology over their mid-morning Americano? They’ll be the envy of all their colleagues, and will inspire confidence from every patient that crosses their path.

The Bristol Stool Chart Mug is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean even if it will never exactly scream “hygiene”. It can also go in the microwave, so you can even warm your soup in it, should you want to. Or you could just give it to somebody you think might like it, and never speak of it again.