Cafflano Klassic All-in-One Coffee Maker

  • Cafflano Klassic All-in-One Coffee Maker
  • Save money by carrying and making your own coffee wherever you are in one convenient stackable unit
  • World’s first foldaway handle can be stored inside the coffee maker for convenience and prevents you from losing it too
  • Permanent reusable metal filter that can be easily washed inside the unit with just water
  • Adjustable ceramic burr hand-mill with grind size setting
  • Measures 8.9 x 8.9 x 19.2 cm
  • Weighs 470 grams

Featuring a unique pre set-up vertical structure with 4 tools for coffee brewing, users have all the tools required on hand for a fresh cup of coffee in this all-in-one coffee maker. Coffee beans are stored in the ceramic burr-hand mill which has the world’s first foldaway grinder handle. It’s what made this portable coffee maker possible in the first place. To the side are clearly marked levels for beans in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 grams as well.

Ground coffee beans are filtered through the stainless steel filter dripper which requires no filter paper to be used and it’s reusable making it environmentally friendly as well as cost saving. There’s a small separate pot that’s the pre-measured kettle with a fill capacity of 270 ml and a tiny spout. Coffee is kept warm in the double wall-insulated tumbler that has a generous capacity of 450 ml.

At the light weight of just 470 grams, this coffee maker will barely weigh your bag or your hand down. The grooved design makes it comfortable to hold the tumbler and prevents the tumbler from slipping out of your hand when you’re on the move.

The Cafflano Klassic all-in-one coffee maker is a must have item for any coffee lover especially one who tends to drink a few cups a day. You’ve got pretty much all you need for a strong cup of quality coffee without costing you a lot. All you need is just hot boiled water to brew your coffee.