Conundrum Wine Aerator Decanter

  • Conundrum Wine Aerator Decanter By Final Touch
  • A curvy wine decanter that gently diffuses wine to give a superior aeration and oxygenation process for you to fully enjoy the flavour of the wine
  • Made with thick crystal clear glass so it’s sturdy and less likely to break so easily
  • Easy and smooth to pour with the wide spout
  • Measures 10.5 cm diameter x 27.5 cm height
  • Weighs 0.4 kg
  • Made By Final Touch

Another great wine aerator from Final Touch is the Conundrum Wine Aerator Decanter which is unusually designed with a twist in its body that enhances the flavour and aroma of wine. This odd twist in the body has another benefit to it too – you can fit your fingers in to comfortably hold the decanter as you pour!

How the curves work in this decanter is that the wine tactfully pours into the decanter over the sides following the curves to fully aerate and oxygenate. Then as the wine is poured out of the decanter and into your wine glass, it glides over the curves once again so the scent and flavour is fully maximised.

Half a bottle of wine (375 ml) can fill up the decanter which is enough for 2 to 3 glasses – perfect for intimate dinners.

The base is flat and fitted with a brushed stainless steel cap to give it stability when it’s set down. With its large spout, this makes pouring the wine out easy and without much spillage so no wine will go to waste. That would be a disaster especially if you spent a lot of money on that wine!

This wine aerator decanter could almost be mistaken for a flower vase with its classy and display like style. But don’t use it for that purpose, it works better for wine as the amount of time waiting for wine to breathe is reduced to almost zero. Flavours and aromas are brought out almost instantly and it looks great on the table especially for romantic dinners.