Cuby Ice Crusher

  • Cuby Ice Crusher By Westmark
  • Liven up cocktails or soft drinks with a touch of class
  • No electrical points needed, just crush and go!
  • Easy to store, easy to clean

Whether partying by the pool, or adding a refresher to your iced tea, there are few things in life that enhance a drink more, than a touch of ice.

The Cuby Ice Crusher by Westmark is here to lend, creating crushed ice sensations that look as good as they taste while enhancing any home bar.

Why struggle with electrical gadgets and confine yourself to the kitchen, when you can crush ’n go on the move!

This handheld ice crusher is pretty self explanatory really. Just pop a couple of ice cubes in the metal bowl area and squeeze the handles together, reducing it to a shimmering pile of crushed ice, all ready to adorn your favourite beverage.

The Cuby Ice Crusher measures just over 17cm long and is a perfect blend of practical brilliance and easily storable handiness. An essential piece of kit, to enjoy the summertime.