My Cuppa Coffee Mug

  • My Cuppa Coffee Mug By SUCK UK
  • Ideal gift for anyone who needs the perfect cup of coffee
  • Coffee colour matching guide inside the cup to help you make the ideal coffee
  • Ceramic construction to withstand many years of use

Tired of receiving inconsistent cups of coffee from friends, family members and work colleagues? Need a little guidance when judging the strength of your morning pick-me-up?

Well help is at hand courtesy of those clever devils from SUCK UK in the form of the absolutely splendiferous My Cuppa Coffee Mug!

Peek inside this classic white ceramic drinking vessel featuring a comfy ergonomic handle, and you’ll find that it is equipped with a number of eye-catching coloured stripes which correspond to all the most popular coffee strengths from Milky all the way up to Black. So you need never drink an unsatisfactory cup of coffee ever again!

Already a coffee gauging expert who can whip up the perfect brew blindfolded with your arms tied behind your back?

Then give that moaning coffee lover in your life the My Cuppa Coffee Mug by SUCK UK and make those irritating coffee strength gripes and a thing of the past! And if they carry on complaining, just pretend you can’t hear them.