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  • DrawerStore by Joseph Joseph
  • Organise your cutlery with adjustable space in each drawer
  • Expandable design for snug fit in the kitchen drawer
  • Made with premium quality plastic for sturdy and durable construction
  • Practical and clever design with two adjustable halves
  • Expandable area that fits longer cutlery
  • Moveable storage dish for storing smaller and loose kitchen items
  • Available in grey and bright green colour options that make the drawer looks more lively
  • Measures 39.1 x 30.5 x 12.4 cm

Finding home for your oddly shaped cutlery in the kitchen proves to be tricky. Especially if you like storing particular kitchen utensils. Rather than scattering them around, restore the kitchen order with the DrawerStore.

This universal kitchen item has been greatly enhanced thanks to its nifty adjustable design that will fit larger utensils and longer cutlery. Additionally, the expandable cutlery tray opens wider to fit more cutlery and adjust to your drawer. This unique design makes fixed spaces of an average tray a thing of the past.

Forget about having little room for the cutlery, the DrawerStore boasts with four deep-sided compartments and adjustable halves of the tray that can be securely locked. It will fit any draw size from 29 to 48 cm so you are covered. You will also find a handy, moveable storage dish for smaller and loose items that don’t fit in any other compartments.

Made with high quality plastic, the construction of the tray is very sturdy and requires little maintenance. Simply hand-wash and dry the tray.

This smart tray comes in two colour options, bright green and grey. The DrawerStore by Joseph Joseph is a smart storage solution not only for your traditional kitchen but will be ideal for camping and caravanning trips.