Extend Expandable Dish Rack

  • Joseph Joseph Extend Expandable Dish Rack
  • Draining space is doubled with the cleverly hidden pull out dish rack all in a compact design
  • Smart drainage system with a sloped base and removable integrated plug
  • Easy to clean with a removable cutlery pot and rack
  • Closed Dimensions: 32 × 36.4 × 16.1 cm
  • Extended Dimensions: 52.7 × 36.4 × 16.1 cm
  • Made By Joseph Joseph

The Extend Expandable Dish Rack from Joseph Joseph gives you the option to extend your draining space with the pull out tray beneath its main rack. Once out, it gives you twice as much space.

To create extra space in the rack and tray, the cutlery holder can be removed and placed elsewhere. There are non-slip feet to keep the dish drainer securely in place.

Delicate and glass dishes are prevented from scratches and marks thanks to the plated steel rack and rubber non-scratch tips. There are raised points in the rack to prevent water from getting trapped inside dishes which helps dishes to dry well.

The water will drip to the bottom of the rack but it’s unable to remain there as it trickles down the sloped base to the tray where it can be flushed out with the removable plug and rotatable draining spout.

All dish racks needs to be cleaned from time to time and some can be a chore to clean with so many nooks and crannies but luckily the steel rack on this one can be removed to make cleaning it easier.

The Joseph Joseph Extend comes in a dark grey or white/green colour which can be matched with other kitchen products within its range. Its practicality makes it ideal for small households who may only require the extended rack when there’s a little bit more washing up to do.