Freeze Cooling Pint Glass

  • Freeze Cooling Pint Glass By Host
  • Keep your beer or juice cool even on a hot day
  • Holds 454 ml, just enough to enjoy
  • Mesmerising cooling gel technology will have you scratching your head while you drink

Everyone knows that the perfect temperature for a beer is 3-5 degrees Centigrade. For an IPA that drops to 10-13 degrees. So why must pubs insist on serving up warm beer. Disgusting!

Solve this problem right now with this Freeze Cooling Pint Glass by Host. Pop the Freeze Cooling Pint Glass into the freezer for the right amount of time (depending on whether you want an ale, a beer, or a slightly warmer IPA) then pour your beer into it as normal.

Also, this glass is kind of like a lava lamp as its glass is imbued with a cooling gel that looks pretty cool when you tip it upside down. Just don’t go doing that whilst it is still full of beer.