Game Box Bento Box

  • Game Box Bento Box By Mustard
  • Retro Gameboy design – a great lunchbox for gamers young and old(er)
  • 3 leak-proof compartments – no soggy school books or paperwork
  • Includes fork and spoon – carry your cutlery with you
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe that’s practical and convenient
  • Food-safe plastic
  • Made by Mustard

If you spent the 90s glued to your Gameboy rather than a mobile phone, or know a keen gamer from the X-Box generation, this awesome retro Game Boy Bento Box is the perfect pack-up partner.

Echoing the original Gameboy, the grey plastic design with directional pad and four coloured buttons will transport you back to Super Mario Land, while you eat – watch out for those Koopas!

Complete with cutlery, the food-safe Game Boy Bento Box by Mustard features three leak-proof compartments. For added convenience, all containers can be put in the microwave and are dishwasher safe, too.