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Glass Barrel Spirits Dispenser

  • Glass Barrel Spirits Dispenser By Kilner
  • Stunning retro design
  • Built in drinks measure (if needed!)
  • Includes a cool little pine stand
  • Impressive gift for whiskey lovers

Putting aside the practical use of the Glass Barrel Spirits Dispenser by Kilner for a second, you have to simply stop and admire its fabulous good looks…I’m talking about the barrel so move away from the mirror Romeo.

Its retro design is completely eye-catching and the style of the pressed glass barrel is so well designed, you’d think it was a mere ornament to adorn a rather good looking shelf. But no, as well as its looks, this barrel has a completely practical and useful side too, does it get any better than this?!

Who needs ugly drinks bottles cluttering up their sideboard when you can pour the contents into this little number and just drink away.

Ideal for any cold liquid but particularly great for whisky or rum drinkers, it will sit happily and quietly, just waiting to serve you your next shot of liquid happiness. The Glass Barrel Spirits Dispenser tap is super easy to use and smoothly dispenses drinks in a heartbeat.

The top of the barrel on the Glass Barrel Spirits Dispenser features a stainless steel stopper, which also doubles up as a handy drinks measure (like you’ll ever need it!). It comes complete with a pine stand, which is rather handy as it would roll away otherwise and is certainly a great talking point when the neighbours pop over for a cheeky wee dram or two.