Glass Beverage Dispenser

  • Glass Beverage Dispenser By Kilner
  • Large 5 or 8 litre capacity
  • No nasty lingering stains
  • Snazzy silver effect tap
  • Tight seal to keep drinks fresh
  • Perfect for parties!

Whether you are looking for a mineral water dispenser, or something to give your alcoholic cocktails a fancy appearance, you really can’t go wrong with this fabulous looking Glass Beverage Dispenser by Kilner.

Throw out your old punch bowl, chuck those ugly plastic jugs because this little stunner will enhance your drinking experience and nothing else will ever be good enough again.

The beauty of this rather nifty Glass Beverage Dispenser, is that you really can give a designer edge to your drinks, whatever they are. Simply adding a few slices of fruit or a novelty shaped ice cube or two, will provide an impressive looking display for everyone to gasp in amazement at. Not bad huh?!

Once you’ve chosen your drink preference and have filled it up to your hearts content, you will realise just how much liquid this actually holds. Not to worry though, with its tight rubber seal and clip top, none of your precious concoction will be wasted…if any is actually left.

Don’t want to be running backwards and forwards serving drinks all night? No problem! With the easy to use tap, your guests can get their own drinks and leave you in peace to soak up the glory…and the drink of course. Once you’re done with the Glass Beverage Dispenser, just give it a quick hand wash and you’re done and ready for the next event. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.