• Karoto Vegetable Peeler and Curler By Luckies of London
  • Fun and funky design of a carrot peeler as a pencil sharpener
  • Dual peeler and curler for carrots, cucumbers, parsnips and other vegetables!
  • Create professional looking dishes in quick time
  • Simple and fun to use
  • Offered by Luckies of London

It’s bright, it’s fun and it’s a giant vegetable peeler shaped like a pencil sharpener…what’s not to like?!

Let’s be honest, it’s not always fun being stuck in the kitchen night after night, peeling, chopping and trying to find endless inspiration for different meals. Order the Karoto Vegetable Peeler today and you’ll never be alone and stuck for ideas again!

This handy little gadget may look fun (and it is!) but it sure packs a mean punch in the kitchen. Cast your mind back to those long-forgotten schooldays, forever sharpening your pencils to a satisfying point, while leaving a trail of fan-shaped wood shavings behind you.

Well this time you get to do it on a much bigger scale, with much brighter colours…and you won’t even get in trouble for making a huge pile of them.

Test your newly discovered freedom out on your carrots, cucumbers, parsnips and courgettes and create a wonderful edible mountain of snazzy shavings to brighten up your meals.

Plop them in salads, mingle them with stir fries or even create your own healthy veggie crisps. With such a clever design, you might even get the kids to join in and help! (ok maybe not but it’s worth a try).

The Karoto Vegetable Peeler by Luckies of London also features a regular peeler, as well as the main shaving section. So whether you want to be creative, or be practical, the choice is entirely yours.

The peeler measures 8 x 5.5 x 4cm and is made of strong acrylic, with an efficient steel blade. Comfortable to handle and a breeze to clean, it’s a unique kitchen gadget that is fun to use and great to give as a gift.