Marmite Popcorn

  • Marmite Popcorn By Joe and Seph's
  • Gourmet air popped corn soaked in an unique and exciting flavour to bring a tingle to your taste buds.
  • No unpopped corn kernels left behind
  • Large bag perfect for sharing
  • Measures 23 x 17 x 12 cm
  • Weighs 225 g
  • Made By Joe and Seph’s

Bring a flavour twist to your usual popcorn with marmite, which has a lovely caramel-like coated crunchy exterior and soft “melt in your mouth” centre. Handmade in London for the British population, popcorn pieces are much larger than your average popcorn so there’s no horrible bits of kernels leftover meaning you’re getting a full bag of popped corn.

Joe and Seph’s Marmite Popcorn uses only natural ingredients to create this exciting and well known love it or hate it flavour. Filled to the brim in a large bag, it’s ideal for sharing and experiencing this taste with someone special but we must warn you – it’s delicious so you might want to keep it all to yourself! It’s perfect for lovers of food or taste adventurers seeking out a different flavour.