Mexicorn on the Cob

  • Mexicorn on the Cob By NOKI
  • Host your own Mexican evening!
  • Contains two sets
  • Serve the best dressed corn in town
  • Boots and hat clips together when they’re not holding a corn
  • Made by NOKI

Mexicorn on the Cob, it just doesn’t get better than this. Who needs boring, messy old corn, when you can eat with ease, while recreating your own Mexican standoff. They are fun, practical and turn your corn on the cob, into a quirky and amusing character to play with at the table.

It would be no fun eating alone though, so this set actually contains two sets of the rather nifty sombrero and boot sets…you might say it’s ‘two for the price of Juan’…it’s ok I’m going soon.

The best bit is though, if you really love these characters, there is an entire range of NOKI Paladone Products novelty kitchenware to collect, Just imagine, you could be the talk of the town! Or at least your own dining table.

Ok, onto the practical stuff…the hat and boots both contain two metal spikes, which you just pop into your corn at either end. This makes life a lot easier when smothering oodles of butter on afterwards and saves you continually dropping it all down yourself, a blessing for all concerned.

The sets clip nicely together when not in use, which is handy to store and keeps those metal prongs safely out of the way.

The Mexicorn on the Cob by NOKI set, comes with a rather nice, themed package, that also contains all the information about the product that you could ever desire.

Good things come in small packages and whether bought as a wonderfully impressive gift, or as a treat for yourself, you are guaranteed to fall just a little bit in love with them.