No Pressure Coffee Dripper

  • No Pressure Coffee Dripper By SUCK UK
  • SUCK it up in the morning with a No Pressure Coffee Dripper
  • Preserve the taste of your coffee thanks to the ceramic construction
  • Just slip in a filter paper and go
  • Whack it on top of any cup or glass for gourmet coffee
  • Made By SUCK UK

Why press and plunge in the morning? Take the pressure off with this handy No Pressure Coffee Dripper. With this ceramic coffee dripper, you will get better tasting coffee any time.

A coffee dripper works by slowly filtering hot water through ground coffee beans. To use this product, just place it over your favourite cup, lay a filter paper (most kinds of filter paper are suitable) over the bottom of the dripper, spoon on some freshly ground coffee beans and then pour over that scalding hot water.

The water will filter through the beans, impregnating itself with caffeine goodness, and drip pure drops of rich, smooth coffee into your cup.

No effort needed. Filter paper, hot water and coffee are all that are needed for this No Pressure Coffee Dripper by SUCK UK. Let that delicious coffee drip into your cup and by the time you’ve finished in the shower, it will be ready.