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NOÈ Bottle Holder

  • NOÈ Bottle Holder By Alessi
  • Design your own wine cellar with the connectable modules
  • Strong resin and durable construction for greater stability
  • Mix and match colours to suit your kitchen decor and style

Even the cheapest bottle of plonk will be elevated to the finest Cabernet Sauvignon with this Italian-designed, contemporary wine bottle holder.

Created by industrial designer Giulio Lacchetti (also known for his award-winning biodegradable spoon/fork or Moscardino), each module holds a standard wine bottle and can be joined simply to two other modules by a groove that runs along the base.

The strong thermoplastic resin enables you to build structures up to 1m high—probably best to do the construction before sampling the contents—and can be adapted to fit a kitchen surface or sit on the floor to produce a wall of wine. Six modules are included, which can be used in a neat triangular 3, 2, 1 configuration.

However, if you’re feeling architecturally-inspired, adventurous, or just have a lot of wine to store (lucky you), then why not order several sets and go for a structure to rival the pyramids.

As your friends and family will be too busy being wowed by your Alessi NOЀ Bottle Holder, the biggest conundrum won’t be deciding on which colour of wine to buy; but rather whether to build your new feature in white, dark red, black, or maybe even a combination of the three.