£10.61 £11.99

Peg Board

  • Peg Board By Paladone
  • Vintage style that rocks
  • Spell out a reminder or a cheeky message
  • 350 pegs in total representing different letters, numbers and symbols

Want to leave your housemate a passive aggressive message or a simple reminder? Keen to tell your partner that you love them, but finding it hard to overcome that lump in your throat? Then use this Paladone Peg Board to spell it out loudly and clearly!

Again, this Peg Board by Paladone will let you pour out your heart and soul. The black background of the pegboard means that it will fit in perfectly in any kitchen, hallway, shared dining room or even in the bedroom (I’m sure you can find some use for it there).

Press the retro style pegs into the board to spell out words, mathematical occasions, or eloquent poetry: whatever takes your fancy. Use this Paladone Peg Board to create shopping lists, limericks, lists of cocktails for your house party and much much more. You’re just going to use it to spell out rude words, aren’t you? Fair enough.