Pha Zaire Wine Aerator System

  • Final Touch Pha Zaire Wine Aerator and Glass Decanter Set
  • Brings out the real flavour of how wine should really taste with a strategically designed wine aeration system
  • Stainless steel filter helps to get rid of any sediments to give a richer flavour of the wine
  • Easy to use with just 3 separate pieces that fits like a jigsaw
  • Perfect to give as a gift with the smartly coloured gift box
  • Measures 19 x 19 x 30 cm
  • Weighs 1.4 kg
  • Made By Final Touch

Look posh and in the know when serving wine at your next dinner party with the Pha Zaire Wine Aerator which is a 3 piece glass decanter set that features a unique and crucial system that allows wine to breathe. Firstly, there’s the stainless steel mesh filter right at the top of the wine glass aerator which prevents any sediments from the wine from getting in.

The wine glass aerator is double walled with strategically placed oxygenation openings for better control of the wine flow with more space for it to breathe. Because of this, the wine flows into the decanter strategically and is perfectly aerated and oxygenated. Not that hard to understand right?

Made with crystal clear glass in an elegant design, the decanter looks expensive which is perfect if you’re aiming for the ‘rich’ look.

It has a generous fill capacity of 750 ml and the base is pretty heavy so it will sit sturdily on any flat surface so there’s no need to worry about knocking it over and making a fool of yourself or attempting to mop up the wine before it stains…we know how tough it is to get rid of red wine stains.

This aeration system from Final Touch really does work to give a true flavour of how wine should taste. Natural flavours and aromas are brought out within minutes of going through the well designed system without needing to wait around.

It’s easy to use as there’s no gimmicky thing to do or use. A must have for any true wine lover who cannot be bothered to wait around for wine to breathe.