Shots Menu Tin Sign

  • Shots Menu Tin Sign
  • A handy drinks menu for guests
  • Traditional tin design
  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Suitable for home bar, dining room, hotel or just as an interesting piece of kitchen decor!

Vintage is in..old, aged, decrepit, worn…it just looks cool and the demand for retro style bar items has never been hotter. Sadly the popularity of aged items doesn’t stretch to the people that buy these products but nevermind, the stunning good looks of this little number will take your mind off of all that. The Shots Menu Tin Sign adds a touch of style to your home, bar or man cave and at a fabulously good price too.

Of course, as well as looking rather superb, this handy decorative sign serves a educational purpose too. In fact with its list of varying party drinks and impressive concoctions, you’re pretty much set for any occasion…all you have to do is buy the booze.

Stun your guests with your outstanding knowledge of drink mixers, debate the pros and cons of Mad Dog vs Woo Woo, or just try the lot, who are we to judge!

The Shots Menu Tin Sign isn’t just for your own personal satisfaction though, so why not offer it as a funky and fun gift idea? Brighten up your week by trying a new drink experience every day and stumble into work the next morning to share the experience with your friends and admirers,(although maybe not your boss). Enjoy yourself, bottoms up!