Smart Herb Garden

  • Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden
  • Grows fresh herbs throughout the year with no maintenance required
  • Reusable with a wide range of refillable plants to choose from
  • Gives a clean and green look to any home without any messy soil, wires or sensors
  • Takes less than a minute to plant your herbs and getting started
  • Measures 35 x 12 x 25 cm
  • Weighs 1 kg
  • Made By Click & Grow

Requiring no gardening experience or skills at all, the Smart Herb Garden gives you the chance to grow your own herbs at any time throughout the year and without the need for a garden.

This little garden is innovatively designed with modern technologically developed Smart Soil and in built sensors to ensure plants receive the necessary amount of oxygen, water and nutrients to grow.

It’s simple to use by just clicking the plant cartridge into the herb garden, then fill it up with water and plug it in. Only a minimal amount of electricity is used which barely even touches your electricity bill because of the cleverly installed Grow Light, which adjusts the light cycle times of 16 hours on and 8 hours off. There’s nothing else to do after except watch it grow over the month or so.

Once the plant has been harvested, the smart herb garden can be reused again as often as you want. As there are 3 slots, you can choose to plant several different herbs at a time. There are a lot of refillable Click and Grow plants to choose from including Sage, Basil, Chili Pepper, Chives, Mimosa and so much more. Even ones that you may not have heard of!

Not only is this modern herb garden easy to maintain but it’s also effective and will look beautiful in any modern home without those traditional wires and lights that are typically hung over plants. It’s mess free, light enough to move to another location and there’s no chance of a dead plant.