Soma Sustainable Pitcher

  • Soma Sustainable Pitcher By Soma
  • Fresh filtered watered in a recyclable pitcher.
  • The Soma sustainable pitcher is an environmentally-friendly way of having fresh filtered water.
  • Every part of the pitcher is recyclable, from the glass pitcher to the plant based water filters made from coconut shell carbon.
  • Makes a stunning addition to your table or counter, and easily fits inside your fridge.
  • The filter has been tested and certified to the stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 42 requirements for reduction of odour, chlorine levels and taste.
  • 10 Cup Pitcher measures 23.3 x 5 x 15.2 cm (9.2 x 12 x 6 inches) / a smaller 6 cup pitcher is also available.
  • Manufactured by Soma

The Soma sustainable pitcher holds up to ten glasses (80 fl oz) of fresh clear filtered water. It was designed by Mike del Ponte who wanted to create a water filter jug that would look good enough to put on the table during a dinner party, work effectively, and be easy to use. The Soma pitcher meets all these descriptions and more as it is also completely sustainable.

The wooden handle is made from white oak sourced from sustainable woodlands in Southern Oregon and looks expensive and sturdy. It’s a pleasure to pour from the pitcher and the glass keeps the water cooler than plastic. The only issue is that fingerprints do show on the glass pitcher, but these are easily removed when cleaned.

The filter should ideally be changed about every two months. You can receive filters automatically in the post which is convenient and a nice touch. It’s a carafe with an interesting and intelligent design; it’s easy to take apart and clean, as well as removing the filters.

Water from the Soma sustainable pitcher tastes better and fresher than water from plastic bottles, and, as it is filled with tap water, it definitely makes good economic sense!

Soma takes its commitment to environmental concerns seriously and is dedicated to helping to end the global water crisis. Every time a plant-based filter is purchased Soma promises to make a donation to sustainable community-based water projects.