SunChaser Outdoor Drink Holder

  • Provides a place for you to hold your drinks outdoors so you can go hands free
  • Versatile use with the 3 attachments that include a lawn peg, a chair strap and a 3 prong suction cup
  • Generous width and height which fits a wide range of bottles, cans and cups
  • Compact and lightweight making it easily portable
  • Measures 10.2 x 10.2 x 7.6 cm
  • Weighs 172 grams
  • Made By Bevi Pro

Drinking outdoors can often result in accidental spills or broken glasses if you’re not holding onto your drink. It’s annoying and one hand will always be occupied with a drink or both if you’re holding someone else’s drink too. For a hands free way to enjoy your drink and keep it within reach, the SunChaser Outdoor Drink Holder does just that.

Made with high quality injection molding and recyclable materials, the end result is a strong and sturdy construction that can hold the weight of a 24 oz can or glass bottle well without risk of it falling out. Tall bottles stays upright within the holder thanks to the high bar. A variety of commonly used bottles and cans can fit securely into the 3.25” wide cup holder.

The Bevi Pro drink holder includes 3 useful attachments to ensure it can be used for every type of outdoor surface. There’s a lawn stake attachment for use on grass and sand, a chair strap that secures onto chair arms or something similar and a 3 prong suction cup for non-porous surfaces such as a plastic table or a hot tub. It can be used wherever you are whether it’s at the beach, camping or at a BBQ.

With the small and compact size, it can fit into a bag making it easy to transport so you’ll never be without it. It makes drinking outdoors a lot more easier and convenient so you can enjoy yourself whatever you’re doing hands free and without worry.