Tabletop Italian Pizza Maker

  • Tabletop Italian Pizza Maker By Global Gourmet
  • Authentic terracotta dome for that wow factor
  • Cook your own mini pizza at the dinner table—great for a fun family meal or parties
  • Ready in 10 minutes—beats waiting around for the delivery driver
  • 4 stainless steel serving spatulas included

Cook pizzas at the dinner table with this fun Tabletop Italian Pizza Maker. The authentic stone oven cooks personalised pizzas in under 10 minutes, delivering on taste and entertainment.

With its Italian-style terracotta dome, the Tabletop Italian Pizza Maker by Global Gourmet produces evenly cooked pizza with a perfectly crisp base.

  1. Use the pizza cutter (included) to cut out your home-made dough or shop-bought pizza mix into individual pizzas and add the toppings of your choice.
  2. Place directly onto the non-stick base and watch as the Tabletop Italian Pizza Maker by Global Gourmet turns them into a deliciously cheesy feast.
  3. Remove the mini pizzas using the 4 stainless steel, insulated spatulas and buon appetito!

Using less power than a conventional oven and specifically designed for pizzas, this is a great way to cook your favourite Italian treat. As the terracotta dome can be removed, it’s easy to clean and store, too.

The Tabletop Italian Pizza Maker by Global Gourmet is a healthier, cheaper and quicker way to indulge in your favourite takeaway – and much more fun than watching out the window for the delivery driver.