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Tacapasta Pasta Drying Frame

  • Tacapasta Pasta Drying Frame By Marcato
  • Sturdy metal frame for long-lasting durability
  • Easily folds down when not in use, a breeze to store
  • Dries your pasta easily and in pure style

Is it a new kind of washing line? A natty satellite communications system? Nope, try again, for this magnificent invention is here to take your homemade pasta and dry it out in style.

The Tacapasta Pasta Drying Frame by Marcato, is rather stunning to look at, especially when covered in tantalising strips of pasta and really is a joy to use.

With more and more people making their own home versions of pasta, the Tacapasta Pasta Drying Frame is an essential piece of kit. It folds down easily for convenient storage and simply fans out gracefully when you are ready to use it again.

Unlike inferior wooden versions, this metal-based marvel can hold a whopping 2kg of fresh pasta, no more draping it all over the kitchen sides to dry.

The Tacapasta Pasta Drying Frame is clearly a step above the rest when it comes to pasta perfection, it ticks all the boxes and even comes with a clear wand to transfer your newly made past in style, without damage or disfiguration.