Tension Arm Kitchen Roll Holder

  • Simplehuman Tension Arm Kitchen Roll Holder
  • Innovatively designed kitchen roll dispenser that can be operated with just one hand
  • Solid and weighted base to prevent slippage
  • Pulls off one sheet at a time with the clamper
  • Measures 19 x 20 x 34 cm
  • Weighs 980 grams
  • Made By Simplehuman

Unlike a standard kitchen roll holder, the Simplehuman Tension Arm Kitchen Roll Holder has a cleverly designed clamper which applies the right amount of pressure so you only pull off one sheet at a time. This also means you only need one hand to do this which is ideal if you don’t have both hands free.

The base is solid with a bit of weight to it to keep the holder sturdy and prevent it from sliding as you pull a sheet off. At the top of the holder is a hole with a rubber grip inside so you can easily lift it to place the holder wherever you need it.

Besides its practicality, this kitchen roll dispenser is elegantly designed in a brushed stainless steel design to complement the decor of many contemporary kitchen designs. It also suits many other SImplehuman kitchen products so you can complete the collection in style.