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Todo Cheese Grater

  • Todo Cheese Grater By Alessi
  • Gigantic cheese grater that gives you a portion of grated cheese with just one stroke
  • Simple to clean with a dry cloth to wipe it down
  • Small zester for finely grated nuts
  • Measures 50 x 11 x 11 cm
  • Weighs 340 grams
  • Made By Alessi

If you like those massive pepper mills that are often used in restaurants, you’ll like this gigantic Todo Cheese Grater. Designed by Richard Sapper, it offers style that’s artsy enough to be displayed combined with practicality as expected from Alessi products. It’s made from stainless steel with a wooden handle at the top for gripping onto as you grate. Being at 46 cm high, it’s at a comfortable height for grating.

Shaped as a cone similar to a dunce cap, the ultra sharp grating blades are mainly on one side with a small zesting section next to it. Conveniently, this directs the grated cheese onto the plate and not over the table or counter.

It takes a few seconds to grate a tablespoonful of cheese over a dish unless someone wants a whole plate full of cheese. To keep the blades at its sharpest, it’s best to wipe down the grater with a dry cloth.

Like many designer products, it’s expensive but it’s worth the price when you see how well this grater grates. Not only that but it’s sure to impress your dinner guests when you’re using it at the table. Parmesan cheese anyone?