Vision Knife Block

  • Vision Knife Block By Kuhn Rikon
  • Transparent knife block to safely store and display your kitchen knives and scissors in all their glory
  • Flexible inlay allows for a large amount of knives to be store until you run out of space
  • Detachable inserts for easy cleaning
  • Blade separators ensures the protection of your knives to keep their sharpness for longer
  • Measures 25.4 x 10.2 x 25.4 cm
  • Weighs 454 g
  • Made By Kuhn Rikon

With a stylish and modern design, the Vision Knife Block is unlike any traditional knife block. Made from transparent and durable plastic, this blocks enables you to see the knives and scissors currently stabbed into the block. Having the option to see the blades eliminates the guessing game of which knife has the blade you need to use.

Fitted with a flexible inlay, this allows you to house a number of knives and scissors to help save a lot of space in your drawers as well as the need to buy another knife block. However, blades won’t be damaged or blunted as they won’t be touching each other due to the blade separators within the inlay design. Knives up to 20 cm in length can fit into this block.

The block looks flimsy but is actually very sturdy on its 4 rubber feet and stays upright no matter how many knives are stuck inside. Both the top and bottom insert can be easily removed for simple washing which is unfortunately, by hand in soapy water.

This knife block is simple and stylish on its own or it can be bought with a various set of Kuhn Rikon knives. It’s pretty robust despite the plastic material and makes cooking easier when you can grab the knife you need.