Wild Dining Party Animal Plates

  • Wild Dining Party Animal Plates By Mustard
  • Have a wild and wacky mealtime by giving the animal a makeover
  • Bribe the kids to eat their dinner
  • Multiple designs to collect including giraffe, gorilla, lion and panda
  • Made By Mustard

Here, we have the pleasure of introducing these ‘Wild Dining Party Animal Plates’, featuring a selection of wild and crazy party animals, not unlike yourself. How we have managed to get this far in life without possessing these, it’s hard to comprehend but thankfully we will never have to be without them again.

No more suffering endless meals, staring at soulless white ceramic dishes, no more pushing your food idly round your plate; in fact dinner will never be quite the same again.

There are four of these fun, ceramic plates to collect. This particular one features the rather fabulous Gina Giraffe. The graceful and statuesque bundle of loveliness is all glammed up and ready to adorn your dining table, along with whatever food based delights you may have for her.

Remember those childhood days of making iron filing faces with magnetic puzzles?

Well, this is your chance to recreate those heady days of nostalgia, with a plateful of food and a good imagination.

The Wild Dining Party Animal Plates by Mustard, come in an attractive box with the creature design clearly on the front for all to see. They even offer a rather nifty suggestion of an amusing food layout, just in case you have difficulty knowing where to start.

The plates are both microwave and dishwasher safe, so no need to spend longer in the kitchen than you have to and the quality of the plate, as well as your pictorial animal companion, is strong and durable…and a touch sassy too.

Finally you can actually encourage your kids to play with their food, in fact you should embrace the wackiness and join in with them!

Celebrate your own lost youth with a cheeky sausage or a well placed pile of spaghetti, placed in humorous positions, Gina won’t mind! These ceramic critters can add a chuckle to any meal time and make the perfect alternative gift for those annoying people, who are often so hard to buy for.